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National Barbecue Cooking Team

  Dennis Carrino has 35 years in the food industry. His experiences include restaurant owner, chef and grill master of the National B.B.Q. Cooking Team Blazin Bronco. After 30 years in national competition, they have gained notoriety and a reputation for excellence. As a result, they are considered visionaries, and are consistently imitated, for their booth designs, marketing concepts, and BBQ food trailers. Blazin Bronco exemplifies the spirit of the National Rib Cook-offs and brings exciting new energy, recipes, and products to each event.

In 1982 Dennis Carrino was invited to participate in the 2nd Annual Ribs Cookoff in Cleveland and has held a high standard of taste and service ever since. In addition to barbecue ribs and chicken that are cooked fresh each day, their pulled pork sandwich surpasses the best! Cooked for 12 hours, smoked with apple and cherry wood in a genuine Southern Pride Oven, and then drizzled with fresh, homemade sauce. .… JUST DELICIOUS! No wonder their B.B.Q. has earned them a continuous spot on the Food Channel and many other BBQ appearance on national TV. But other products are also available at the Blazin Bronco booth, such as barbecue sauce, rib seasoning, hot sauce line, hats, shirts and aprons!

Dennis Carrino brings great expertise to Blazin Bronco to include formal culinary training, and valuable hands-on mentoring experiences with numerous top professional chefs known nationwide. Dennis owned and operated Mama Mia’s, a very successful 160 seat restaurant/lounge for 26 years. Indeed, Mama Mia’s was rated A+ by the Cleveland Magazine as one of the best restaurants in town. The record shows that extra care is always taken in all food preparation, with service being their top priority. At Blazin Bronco, recipes are adapted to reflect regional variances in eating patterns and preferences, and only the best makes it to the plate. That’s one of the reasons Blazin Bronco has enjoyed a generous amount of good press and television coverage, for example:
  • Good Morning, Tampa and the Busch Gardens programs, promoting the St. Petersburg Cookoff
  • A TV broadcast, documenting the winning of the Mansfield, OH Cookoff, 3 years in a row.
  • North Carolina - St Louis - Berea, Ohio - Columbus – Pittsburgh – Strongsville, Ohio
  • Cedar Rapids – Minneapolis - Bay City, Michigan – Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Chicago – St. Petersburg – Georgia - Jupiter, Florida – Reno, Nevada
  • Greensboro Royal Crown Rib Fest – Best Ribs……..Winston Salem Ribs & Sauce
  • Rib & Rock, Parma Chamber – Ribs & Sauce……….Naperville Ill. Ribs & Sauce
  • Bay City, Michigan – Ribs & Sauce …………………….Greensboro N.C. Ribs & People’s Choice
  • Homestead, Florida – Ribs ………………………………Lincoln N.E. Capital Rib Fest Ribs
  • St. Petersburg Exchange Rib Fest – Ribs …………..Council Bluff N.E. Ribs
  • Jupiter, Florida – Ribs
  • Berea National Rib Cook-Off Ribs & Sauce
Dennis Carrino is one of the keys to Blazin Bronco success along with its custom designed cooking trailer, which complies with all national and local food preparation health requirements. The trailer system, copied by many, contains the smoker, warmers, freezer/refrigerator, and sanitary prep facilities, all in one self-contained unit.

  • In 2014 Blazin Bronco won an outstanding 12 out of 14 wins
  • In 2015 -2016 Blazin   Bronco won an outstanding 14 straight wins. Outstanding!!
Blazin Bronco wants to make this season a banner year, and looks forward to contributing to the great success of your next cookoff or any other event!